Artist Assistant, Alicja Rogalska

Maria Axenti (b. 1986) was born in Chisinau, Moldova when it was a Soviet Republic. She only remembers roubles and cheap ice-cream from that time. Axenti graduated with Master’s degrees in Cultural Anthropology at the High Anthropological School University in Moldova and in European Studies at the College of Europe in Poland.

She is a practicing anthropologist, holding the position of researcher at the Academy of Science of Moldova focused on urban studies. She loves explaining to foreigners the peculiarities of Moldovan culture and helping them implement their projects in Moldova. Her experience includes, and is not limited to, being a guide, interpreter, assistant, project manager, researcher, and consultant. She also actively participates in civic urban movements and cultural projects, and recently founded the consulting company YG Moldova with other anthropologists. Axenti has been assisting Alicja Rogalska in her artwork production for the iteration of Blue Box in Chișinău.