Oberliht Association looks for artists who deal with the topic of public space, who open their work to citizens and activate communities, but also, use the format of campaigning in their work, touching upon wider issues of public importance to the urban commons. We invited Alicja Rogalska in recognizing her methodology of participatory performance and her vivid interest in issues of distribution of resources and social equality as very relevant features in the context of Chișinău.

The first opportunity for the artist to be involved will be in July 2016, in a ten-day long international summer school/camp for young architects. It will take place in Zaikin Park, where we aim to revitalize with the help of the local inhabitants living around the park. The long term impact will involve the revitalization of the community near Zaikin Park and subsequently, the rehabilitation of the park infrastructure and of its entire surrounding area, becoming an attractive place for leisure time activities and serving as a meeting place for the community.

Then, in September, Public Space Days in Chișinău (2nd edition) will be organized. It is mainly an advocacy event with three different components: conference, workshops, and cultural programs. Alicja Rogalska’s research and intervention will be presented in this event. The topic, which was preselected as a subject of the research, is access to fresh water as a challenge for contemporary conditions of the public space in Chișinău.

– Vladimir Us


Silence of Sources
performance by Alicja Rogalska

21 September 2016, 5-6pm
in the front of the Parliament of Republic of Moldova
Chișinău, Moldova

Organised by Oberliht Association

WATER is a common good but we treat it as a commodity. Moreover, not everyone in Chișinău has free access to WATER. Yet, we don’t speak about the issue. It’s as if we put WATER in our mouths.

Are you concerned about THE WATER problem? Come and take part in a group performance initiated by the Polish artist Alicja Rogalska.

All you will be asked to do is to take some WATER in your mouth and carry it from one place to another.

The action will be documented using photography and video. All participants will receive a copy of documentation and will be invited for food and drinks after the performance.

The performance will be followed by a screening of the video works of Alicja Rogalska at Flat Space at 8pm.



Vitalie Sprinceana, “The city belongs to all of us: Urban activism in Chişinău”

Zaikin Park Architecture School

Zaikin Park



Project coordinator: Maria Axenti
Photographer: Dorin Goian
Cinematographers: Inna Gordeeva & Alex Stacanov
Assistants: Anastasia Palii, Lilia Nenescu, Sergiu Bejenari, Liselotte van Vliet, Jelka Nierth