Grupa Budapeszt will prepare a new and revised version of Enthusiasm by Dziga Vertov. All the redundant material will be removed from the original movie and broken down to correlations between the pure data extracted from the film. The outcome will be the purest embodiment of Vertov’s theory of montage as a research tool in big statistical numbers. This research is the ultimate aim of what he refers to as sociological cinema. The film will be realised with no actors, no sets, no scenography. Instead, it will use pure and seemingly abstract elements, which role is representation of film in itself and every part of it. The elements will be 3D printouts. Hence, Enthusiasm by Grupa Budapeszt is a 3D printout of Enthusiasm by Vertov.


Grupa Budapeszt (Igor Krenz, Michał Libera, Daniel Muzyczuk)
Enthusiasm, 2016

Organised by IZOLYATSIA
Kyiv, Ukraine